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  • SEK 66,6 million in research and education grants to JU

    The Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) grants SEK 66.6 million to the research and educational environment SPARK at Jönköping University (JU).
    “We are incredibly happy for the Knowledge Foundation's support,” says Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President at JU and programme manager for SPARK.
  • The automotive industry is looking for smart solutions and weight reduction

    The automotive industry is constantly looking for new ways to manufacture more fuel- and energy-efficient cars. At the same time, demands are made to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase sustainability from a life cycle perspective, based on legislation and customer needs. This has led to that the use/demand of lightweight and strong components in the automotive industry are expected to increase in the future.
  • A new dynamic purchasing model for the Swedish Armed Forces

    Authorities and organisations with contingency requirements need other purchasing strategies compared to private industry. In his doctoral thesis, Thomas Ekström, lecturer at the Department of Military Studies, Swedish Defence University, has developed and designed a purchasing portfolio model (PPM) for defence procurement, which will be of practical use for defence authorities.
  • ITAB has joined Smart Industry Sweden to expand their business

    The Jönköping company ITAB has joined the Research School Smart Industry Sweden to expand their business."We also hope to broaden our network of contacts with companies and universities, says Tobias Pettersson," ITAB’s doctoral student in Smart Industry Sweden.
  • A Colombian family’s entrepreneurial journey

    Enrique Sandino Vargas' doctoral thesis looks at how factors such as family interactions, historical events and context interact and affect an agricultural family business in Colombia. He has studied the entrepreneurial journey of the Cabrera family. The starting point was when their successful family business was displaced from its land due to armed conflicts. As a result of the Colombian peace agreement, the land was returned to the family, and today they are in the middle of discussions to re-start the family business.