The research seminars at the School of Education and Communication are open to all researchers, teachers and doctoral students at the university. No preregistration is required.

Upcoming seminars 2024

2 April - Final review seminar: Otto Hedenmo

Welcome to Otto Hedenmo's final review seminar in Media and Communications with the title "Collaborating through media - How co-orientations of media contribute to agency in interorganizational collaboration".

Time: 10:00-12:00
Place: Ha208

13 June - Final review seminar: Björn Bradling

Welcome to Björn Bradling's final review seminar in Education with the title "Det litteraturdidaktiska manifestet – transformativt lärande och multiperspektivism som subversiv bildning i gymnasiets litteraturundervisning".

Time: 13:15-15:00
Place: A315, Högskolan i Borås and Zoom:

About the seminars

The overall theme of the seminars is “Education and communication”, but the seminars deal with different subjects, theories and methods.

Some seminars are mandatory:

  • Research plan seminars are held in the research environment to which the doctoral student belongs. On this occasion, the doctoral student gives a brief oral presentation of his or her research plan, whereafter another doctoral student (if there is one in the review group) and a researcher from the research environment discuss the content of the proposal, giving their opinions and providing guidance on how to proceed.
  • During the process of writing the licentiate/doctoral thesis, the doctoral student must present the merits of the thesis at one or two public seminars, depending on the type of degree pursued: a mid-way review seminar (doctoral degree) and a final review seminar (licentiate and doctoral degrees). The public seminars are led by an external reviewer.