At present , CHILD's researchers are running more than 30 research projects. These projects are often run interdisciplinary and in close collaboration with international partners.

Children, Preschool and School

  • Participation as an outcome of spending time in preschool for children with and without needs for special support Read morePDF
  • Preschool environments, young children's engagement, behavior problems and learning in early school years Read morePDF
  • Early detection - Early intervention - a longitudinal study of children's engagement and behavior problems in Swedish preschool environments Read morePDF
  • Different is cool! Self-efficacy and participation of students with and without disabilities in school-based Physical Education Read morePDF
  • Continued conventional literacy learning for students with severe speech and physical impairment (SSPI) Read morePDF
  • Student participation in school in socially challenged areas Read morePDF

Children and Disability

  • Research program CHILD-PMH Mental health and participation in habilitation for children and adolescents with disabilities Read morePDF
  • Indicated family support – a study of support to families having children with mild intellectual disabilities and the relation to child participation in everyday activities Read morePDF
  • Service utilization among children with mild intellectual disability and their families Read morePDF
  • ICF-AAC Narrative Oregon
  • Oral health in and dental care for children and adolescents with disabilities Read morePDF
  • Pain management for children with cerebral palsy in school settings Read morePDF
  • Assistive technology for time and managing time for children with ADHD, a randomized study of effects and costs Read morePDF
  • Participation for children with physical disabilities and in children with typical development: a longitudinal study Read morePDF
  • Mobility of individuals walking with a lower limb prosthesis Read morePDF
  • Arts and Creativity in Childhood Disability: Explorers Project, Joggy Bear Project, MovementWorks Dance and Autism project, Virtual Reality (VR) Read morePDF
  • Oral health in Children with Down Syndrome: Parents Views on dental care in Sweden Read morePDF

Children and Health

  • Children in the radiology department – pain, anxiety and communication in conjunction with an acute radiographic examination
  • Interactive communication support in the radiology context (ICIR) - interacting with children during acute examinations Read morePDF
  • See Me - Talk to Me (children as relatives) Read morePDF
  • Health in children (1 to 6 years) with cancer Read morePDF
  • The use of patient reported outcomes in the structure of national quality registries in Sweden for children and adolescents with chronic conditions Read morePDF
  • Development in adolescence – A prospective longitudinal program to study teenager’s social network, substance misuse, psychological health and school adjustment Read morePDF
  • Self-reported Participation for Adolescents with Disabilities and long-term Health Conditions Read morePDF
  • CHILDREN WITH ASTHMA - a prospective study on saliva and caries development in children treated with asthma medication Read morePDF
  • Caring encounter that makes a difference for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Read morePDF

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