The goal of the course, Classics in Accounting is to familiarize PhD students with different texts that greatly influenced the development of the accounting literature, within financial accounting, management accounting, as well as auditing.

The course covers accounting literature from several sub-fields in accounting, ranging from management accounting and control to financial accounting and auditing. Accounting Classics offers insights into accounting literature and introduces both classic work as well as their relevance in contemporary accounting research.

Participants are expected to read a selection of the course literature covering all three subfields of the course (management accounting, auditing and financial accounting) which is chosen together with the examiner, and participant papers related to seminars.

Course examiner is Professor Timur Uman, JIBS
Other teachers involved in the course are:
Senior Associate Professor Pernilla Broberg, LiU
Associate Professor Andreas Jansson, JIBS
Assistant Professor Miguel Gil, JIBS.

The course is given as a hybrid course with meetings at JIBS and on-line.

Introduction and meetings are planned as follows:

  • 16th of May 15.30-17.30 Introduction to the course and the field ( Timur)
  • 15th of June 09-12 Lecture 1: Financial Accounting (Andreas/Timur)
  • 15th of June 13-16 Seminar 1: Financial Accounting (Andreas/Timur)
  • 22nd of August 09-12 Lecture 2: Management accounting (Miguel/Timur)
  • 22nd of August 13-16 Seminar 2: Management accounting (Miguel/Timur)
  • 28th of September 09-12 Lecture 3: Auditing (Pernilla guest/Timur)
  • 28th of September 13-16 Seminar 3: Auditing (Pernilla guest/Timur)

The course has a maximum of 14 places. The seats are accessible via the "first come, first served" principle. The last day to apply is 17th of March, 2023.

Application form Word, 58.8 kB.

Course syllabus Pdf, 159.8 kB.

If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinator:

Timur Uman, JIBS