Doctoral theses defences 2019

16 January, 2019, School of Engineering
Vasilios Fourlakidis: Dendritic Morphology and Ultimate Tensile Strength of Pearlitic Lamellar Graphite Iron

11 April, 2019, School of Health and Welfare
Bodil Monwell: En dyster parentes - Opiatregeln i svensk LARO-behandling

21 May, 2019, School of Engineering
Juan-Carlos Hernando: The Role of Primary Austenite Morphology in Cast Iron

22 May, 2019, School of Health and Welfare
Ellinor Tengelin: Becoming aware of blind spots – Norm-critical perspectives on healthcare education

31 May, 2019, School of Engineering
Dimitrios Siafakas: On Particles and Slags in Steel Casting

13 December 2019, School of Education and Communication
Anna-Lena Ekdahl: Teaching for the Learning of Additive Part-Whole Relations: The Power of Variation and Connections

Licentiate seminars 2019

28 May, 2019, School of Engineering
David Samvin: Finite Elements for Interface Problems

5 June, 2019, School of Engineering
Johan Jansson: Process-Induced Local Material Variations in Finite Element Simulations
of Cast and Fibre Reinforced Injection Moulded Components

13 September, 2019, School of Engineering
Sara Kallin: Deformation of Human Soft Tissues - Experimental and Numerical Aspects

28 November, 2019, School of Engineering
Nikolas Käkelä: Customization-Based Interaction in ETO