The three central terms Communication, Culture and Diversity form a point of departure for research on communication in analogue-digital-virtual-real settings and function as objects of study both methodologically and theoretically.

  • Communication: how meaning and messages are constructed, diffused, interpreted and transformed in analogue-digital environments where human-beings engage in social practices.
  • Culture: an aspect of social life and used to understand processes that are part of social and historical patterns and norms which shape contexts where people (inter)act. Cultural expressions, media and genres across modalities, literature, film etc, also constitute research objects within CCD.
  • Diversity: a concept used to understand how social categories, for example culture, ethnicity, functionality, class, or gender, get (co)created and become (in)visible.

Several disciplines, for example the educational sciences, language and literature studies, media and communication sciences, history, religion, deaf studies, gender research, come together in various CCD projects across national boundaries.