Courses Spring 2024


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Practice Oriented Research Methodology (FTPFM31)

Course Syllabus Pdf, 810 kB.

Course schedule

Jenny Bäckstrand


start 202311

Light Metal

Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.7 kB.

Course schedule

Anders Jarfors7,5


P05 Trend Spotting - How to Identify the Future Gaps

Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.5 kB.

Course schedule Pdf, 165.6 kB.

Lars Eriksson7,5

start 7/3

Systematic Searches and Scholarly Publishing (FTSVP33)

Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.5 kB.

Course schedule Pdf, 106.8 kB.

Paola V Nilsson3

Spring 24

Computer Systems for Automated Engineering Design (FTDAK35)
Course Syllabus Pdf, 115.5 kB.

Course schedule

Roland Stolt7,5

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