Project meeting in Portugal, July 2022

An EU project is creating an inclusive assessment map and evaluating the perception of inclusion. The Board of Education for Vienna is working with international experts to develop an Inclusive Assessment Map – a well-proven, tested and evaluated tool for teachers to enable all primary and lower secondary students to participate in school. The tool and its framework are based on ICF. I AM is intended to be a user-friendly tool that presents practicable support to all professionals to implement necessary adaptions to the student's educational environment. This is piloted in four countries: Austria, Portugal, Belgium, and Germany. Sweden and Norway collaborate without piloting the tool. Our responsibility in CHILD is to

evaluate their pilot study based on how teachers experience their work with students in school after using the tool. Lilly Augustine is the PI for Sweden.

The Aim of I AM is to:

  1. Identify environmental factors facilitating and hindering participation to increase participation.
  2. Provide international best practices to facilitate participation in the school system for all students.
  3. Overcome an exclusively individual-centered and deficit-oriented perspective when implementing inclusive policies.
  4. Support the design of educational plans/responses by identifying environmental supports to meet the needs and goals of all students.
  5. Promote collaborative work through a common language and shared understanding of educational situations using the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) framework.

Project Information on CHILD Web page Pdf, 195.6 kB.

Please read more regarding out partners and the project on the project’s webpage