A new dynamic purchasing model for the Swedish Armed Forces


Authorities and organisations with contingency requirements need other purchasing strategies compared to private industry. In his doctoral thesis, Thomas Ekström, lecturer at the Department of Military Studies, Swedish Defence University, has developed and designed a purchasing portfolio model (PPM) for defence procurement, which will be of practical use for defence authorities.

Dr Thomas Ekström successfully defended his doctoral thesis at School of Engineering, Jönköping University 16 December, 2020.

"In my research, I have looked at how to adapt this model to the military or public Organisations. There is a completely different driving force in the public sector where money is provided in order to deliver goods and services, while the private sector sell goods and services to make money and create profits for their shareholders," says Thomas Ekström.

The purchasing portfolio model (PPM) is designed and developed for the Swedish Armed Forces and will be of practical use for defence authorities. However, Thomas Ekström believes that his model will also be of interest for other countries' defence forces and defence organisations, as well as for public organisations with contingency responsibilities.

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