Jönköping University's Doctoral Student Council is an elected body of doctoral representatives from each school established in April 2020 by the President’s decision § 867. 

About us

JU Doktorandråd (JU Doctoral Student Council) was constituted in the summer of 2020. As a dedicated body comprised of elected doctoral student representatives from all four schools at Jönköping University (JU), this council works to help the doctoral students organize themselves and become an active part of JU. To increase doctoral students’ presence in different forums within the university, the council also nominates elected doctoral representatives to the Board of Education and Research Education (Nämnden för Utbildning och Forskarutbildning-NUF) and the Strategic Council for Research (Strategiska Rådet för forskning- SRF).

Board members

The council board consists of 8 elected representatives (2 from each school) and 4 substitute members who then elect a chairperson of the board and 2 representatives for the Strategic Council for Research and Board of Education and Research Education. Following the annual election, the board is officially appointed by the President of the university for a tenure of 1 year.


News and updates

Doctoral Courses/ Seminars/ Research output: This section will be updated on a regular basis. Please feel free to share relevant information to be posted in this section.


Breakfast seminars: Theme-based, open for participation for all doctoral candidates of JU. More information on intranet news and email.Doctoral Student Survey: A survey to explore the consequences of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic has been released by the JU Doctoral Student Council. A report on the results will be written and distributed to leadership with the purpose of informing and aiding in assisting doctoral students during this unprecedented time.

Other information Doctoral programs, course list and people of interests


General info for PhD students: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/the-research-school-of-health-and-welfare.html

PhD courses: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/the-research-school-of-health-and-welfare/third-cycle-education-courses.html

Contact: Jan Mårtensson, Director of Research School of Health and Welfare, Professor jan.martensson@ju.se


General info for PhD students: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/doctoral-programmes-at-the-school-of-education-and-communication.html

PhD Courses: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/doctoral-programmes-at-the-school-of-education-and-communication/phd-courses.html

HLK’s Doctoral Organisation: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/doctoral-programmes-at-the-school-of-education-and-communication/hlks-doctoral-students-organisation.html

People of Interest: Ekaterina Kalinina, Universitetslektor, Forskarutbildningsledare


Doctoral program and course updates: https://ju.se/en/research/doctoral-programmes/doctoral-programmes-at-jibs.html

People of Interest: Mikaela Backman, PhD Director and Associate Professor, Economics (mikaela.backman@ju.se)


Research areas: https://ju.se/en/about-us/school-of-engineering/research/research-areas.html

People of Interest: Salem Seifeddine, Associate Dean of Research and Professor, Materials and Manufacturing (salem.seifeddine@ju.se)

Contact us

Email: ju.doktorandrad@ju.se

Facebook group: PhD Candidates at JU (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1371404556335978/)