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  • New guide for researchers within environmental communication

    Knowledge on best practices within a certain research field often stays with the researchers themselves. Peter Berglez at the School of Education and Communication and five other researchers decided to make their experiences available to others, and have published a report describing research on media’s cover of the climate issue.
  • A step towards more efficient metal casting

    On Friday the 23rd of September, Mostafa Payandeh defended his doctoral thesis on casting of aluminium alloys. The results of his research may contribute to the development of more time and cost effective casting processes for components used by for example the automotive industry and the electronics industry.
  • Margareta Adolfsson is a new Associate Professor in Disability Studies

    Margareta Adolfsson's research revolves mainly around how the children and youth version of WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health can be used for various purposes.