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  • Master thesis published as book

    Diawoye Fofana, JIBS alumnus, is the author of a new book based on his master thesis.
  • Lianguang Cui's doctoral thesis defence

    On Thursday 12 January at 10 a.m. in B1014 at JIBS Lianguang Cui will be defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Innovation and network development of logistics firms".
  • Nailing ceremony at JIBS 20 December

    Welcome to attend the official ceremony during which Lianguang Cui, CeLS/ML, and James Dzansi, CeFEO/EFS, literally nails their doctoral theses to the wall, 20 December, the entrance hall at JIBS, 2nd floor.
  • Four nailing ceremonies in one day

    Tuesday 20 December four nailing ceremonies of doctoral theses in four subjects at three of the schools of Jönköping University took place. Read more
  • Research on local innovation processes gets SEK 6 million

    What is the importance of local networking and collaboration between companies in order for innovation processes to occur and evolve? The research centre CEnSE at JIBS has received funding for a new research project. Read more
  • Three nailing ceremonies

    During this week and next, there will be no less than three nailing ceremonies at JIBS.
  • Media services and paper industry

    Two research projects at JIBS have received a total of more than SEK 2 million from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.
  • Media services and paper industry

    Two research projects at JIBS have received a total of more than 2 million SEK from the Ragnar Sรถderberg Foundation. Read more
  • Licentiate thesis in Statistics

    On Tuesday, 6 December, Rashid Mansoor successfully defended his licentiate thesis in Statistics.
  • Research stipend to PhD Candidate

    Anette Johansson has received a Hedelius stipend of 92 000 SEK.
  • Friederike Welter new ECSB Fellow

    At the RENT conference in late November, Professor Friederike Welter was honoured as the 7th ECSB Fellow for her services to ECSB.
  • Nailing Ceremony - Maria Norbäck

    On 15 December at 1 p.m. on the second floor in the entrance hall at JIBS Maria Norbäck, MMTC Doctoral Candidate, will have her official nailing ceremony during which she literally nails her doctoral thesis to the wall.