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International Office

International Office  works with internationalization aspects such as student and teacher/staff mobility, as well as other kinds of international cooperation.  Staff of the International Office are working closely with each of the schools, helping them reach their mutual goal of increased internationalization.

Staff members are divided in two teams; Team Out and Team In, depending in which student group they mainly support.

Head of International Office

Karin Hermansson

Team OUT

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  • Jönköping International Business School
    Nikolina Bergh, International Relations Coordinator
  • Anna Rönneke, Double degree coordinator, International Relations Manager
  • School of Education and Communication
    Carina Hedfors, International Relations Manager 
  • School of Engineering
    Heidi Woodhouse Schmit, International Relations Coordinator
  • Josefine Andersson, International Relations Coordinator
  • School of Health and Welfare
    Lucie Weissova, International Relations Manager

Team IN

Contact Team In

  • Jönköping International Business School
    Monika Pavlovic, International Relations Coordinator
  • School of Education and Communication
    Andrea Vigorena Wagner, International Relations Coordinator
  • School of Engineering
    Sofia Tsivos, International Relations Coordinator and Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
  • School of Health and Welfare
  • Anette Hertz, International Relations Coordinator
  • Jönköping University
    Leticia Lövkvist, International Relations & Programme Coordinator

Summer School

We have drop-in hours online via zoom or at the Service Center as per info below:

Monday: 12-13 Online Zoom

Tuesday: 12-13 in Service Center and Online Zoom

Wednesday: 12-13 Online Zoom

Thursday: 12-13 Online Zoom

Friday: 12-13 Online Zoom

Or contact us via the link below with your questions or to book a meeting.