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  • Library hours during spring
    The library will be open on evenings again from Monday January 25 and you will no longer need a JU-card to enter.
  • Updated loan regulations
    We have made changes to the loan regulations, and will no longer charge a late return fine of 200 SEK for books that are returned after an invoice has been sent.
  • Restricted library hours
    Due to the new restrictions from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, we have restricted the library hours during the period 28 December until 24 January.
  • Anti-Plagiarism Guide available in Canvas
    The Interactive Anti-Plagiarism Guide is updated and adapted to Canvas! We have shared it with Canvas Commons and you can add it to your course rooms.
  • Zoom in on your thesis
    Do you need help with academic writing, search for information and cite your sources? Visit our drop-in support in Zoom Thursday, 3 December 13:00-16:30 and Friday 18 December 13:00-15:00. If you are lucky we can help with your Christmas present rhymes as well!
  • Reduced number of people allowed in the library group rooms
    From now on, the number of people allowed in the library's group rooms has been halved. There is a note next to each group room that shows how many people can study there and when you book a group room you see the same information.Help us keep the spread of infection down so that the library can remain open. Thank you!
  • Search tips for doctoral students
    Next week is the premiere of Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: Tips and Tricks from the Library, where the library team for research support will share useful tips. If you are a doctoral student and have fifteen minutes to spare, you are warmly welcome to attend our quick presentation in Zoom. Our librarian Elisabeth Nylander will talk about snowball searching and how you can find several relevant resources based on one article.What? Search like a snowball. Citation chaining forwards, backwards, and sideways.When? Wednesday 2 December at 9:30 - 9:45Where? In ZoomWelcome!
  • New information resource for the School of Health and Welfare
    The library now has access to MAG Online Library, a database from the publisher Mark Allen Healthcare (MAH). The subscription includes the MAH Complete and Dental Complete packages. In total, the packages comprise 30 journals, the majority of which are peer-reviewed.
  • TV-screens in group study rooms
    The group study rooms on first floor are being equipped with TV-screens to which you easily can connect your computer.
  • Keep distancing
    Remember to keep a distance to others among bookshelves, study seats and group rooms! Please respect the measures taken by the library to avoid spread of the corona-virus.
  • Mobile phone theft in the library
    In the last couple of days some mobile phones have been stolen in the library. The procedure is to put a piece of paper or a book on a student's phone and then bring the phone. 
  • The American election and the library
    The US presidential election is fast approaching. At the library, we currently have an exhibition of books on American politics. You can also look at a map showing a calculated average of polls in each state
  • Opening hours during All Saints' Weekend
    The library is closing at 12:00 on Friday 30 October and is also closed Saturday 31 October. We wish you a peaceful weekend!
  • No access to group study rooms 26-30 October
    The ventilation system at the library will be turned off due to scheduled system maintenance from Monday 26 October through Friday 30 October.
  • Planned downtime in IT network 21 October
    On October 21 at 9 pm, all IT-related activities at JU will be closed down. For those of you who use the library's group rooms, this means that you cannot log in to the group room computers.
  • Access to copyright material from the National Library
    During the autumn term, the National Library of Sweden will provide remote access to its collections in digitized form. Books, manuscripts and pictures from the collections can now be ordered by researchers and research students.
  • Do you have difficulty reading printed texts?
    The library can help you find the tools you need.
  • Welcome to the library!
    Are you a new student wondering how things work at the university library? Watch the film Introduction to the University Library or take a moment to study this guide.
  • Welcome to a new semester!
    As of Monday 17 August, the library will return to regular opening hours. We are open Monday to Thursday 8-20, Friday 8-18 and Saturday 11-15. 
  • Summertime at the library
    As of Monday 8 June, the library is open weekdays between 10 and 14. 

Content updated 2017-01-11