COO develops the conditions for conducting practical, applied research with a focus on patient and societal benefit. Through close collaboration between Jönköping University, Region Jönköping County, Linköping University, the South Eastern Healthcare Region and our regional collaboration partners, we are shaping the dental care of the future.

Research areas

There are three strong research areas that span the entire life cycle of a person;

  • Health promotion work, which affects children/adolescents, adults and older individuals, with strong points of contact in epidemiology, social determinants, prevention and multidisciplinary cooperation.
  • Clinical treatment research, which affects children and adolescents and adults, where the focus is on risk assessment, diagnostic treatment and oral rehabilitation.
  • Digital techniques and material development in dentistry.

Within COO, a variety of articles are published in a wide range of international journals; oral health, dentistry, medicine, public health, gerontology and nursing.

Competitive advantages

The research within COO's operations shows a clear and distinct development potential in several areas. Jönköping University has the right to award doctoral and licentiate degrees in the discipline of humanities and social sciences. Postgraduate education is carried out at the School of Health and Welfare, where research in oral health and odontology can today be carried out in disability science, health and care science, and welfare and social science, depending on the research question. The collaboration between the School of Health and Welfare and the Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education aims to create a strong profile with a clear focus on health promotion and clinical research in interdisciplinary collaboration. From a national perspective, the COO contributes to strengthening research in oral health and odontology.

National and international cooperation

National research needs to be strengthened to become competitive in an international arena. The School of Health and Welfare and the Institute of Odontology has a large number of national and international partners in research, development work and education. For example, there are collaborations with Science Park Jönköping, Linköping and Malmö Universities, the Competence Center for Rare Dental Conditions, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Portsmouth Dental Academy, The Ohio State University, FISABIO foundation/Center for advanced Research in Public Health, Valencia, Sefako Mekgatho Health Science University, South Africa and more.

We also collaborate and gather knowledge and power from 13 of Sweden's 21 regions where the respective region's Public Dental Care Services contributes with research expertise and ongoing projects.