Gathering competences from various educations in odontology and oral health in a joint center formation creates an environment for interprofessional learning, where one can see the effects of synergy and where teaching resources are used efficiently.

The School of Health and Welfare offers a dental hygienists training programme and a master's programme in oral health sciences. The Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education conducts Specialization Traning for future specialist dentists. By collaborating around education programmes, as well as a future dentist education programme, unique conditions are created for strategic competence provision, interprofessional learning and a world-class teaching capacity.

  • Dental hygenist programme
  • Master's programme in Oral Health Sciences
  • Specialist traning programme for dentists
  • Health and Welfare Research School

Dentist education at Jönköping University

Starting up a dentist education programme in Jönköping aims to meet current and future needs for equal dental care in the whole of sweden.

Read more about the application for the degree rights of a new dentist education programme.