Strategies for change in media industries, 7,5 ECTS

Doctoral course, jointly produced by MMTC at the Jönköping International Business School and the Department of Communication at the School of Education and Communication in Jönköping.


Bachelor's degree, registration as a doctoral student


2007, October — 2007, January

Course co-ordinators

Lars-Åke Engblom and Karl Erik Gustafsson, professors.


Starting from resource based theories the objectives are to train students in analyzing media industry structures, the dynamics of the competitive process of moves and responses, recognizing openings and opportunities as well as traps, and making forecasts avoiding pitfalls. The focus will be on conditions of demand, determinants of competition, and strategic alternatives from contents to distribution.


The course consists of a seminar series with presentations of results from research on core problems of media industries. Strategies in the competition in declining industries will be covered as well as in emerging industries (digital television markets). The increasing challenge between paid for and free newspapers is another compulsory subject as well as growth strategies and innovation. The students will have to present a term paper within one of two umbrella subjects: trends in modern journalism and magazine industry innovation. There is an option to extend the course to 15 ECTS credits by writing a course essay on strategies in a media industry, e.g. ad price strategies of daily free sheets in Scandinavia, segmentation strategies of magazine publishing, and the household as a media consumption unit.

Teaching Methods

A seminar series of four monthly afternoon meetings, a term paper and, as an option, a course essay.


Compulsory attendance at the seminar series. Exceptional absence may be compensated by extra assignments.

Registration:, before October 15th.


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Seminar meetings at JIBS, Jönköping

17/10 B 4053
13-15 Declining media industries — end of the game? (KEG)
15-17 Trends in modern journalism (LÅE)

14/11 B 4053
13-15 Growth strategies of big media groups (KEG)
15-17 A living media lab - the nation of Iceland (LÅE)

11/12 B 4221
13-15 Generations of magazine industry innovations (KEG)
15-17 TV industry after deregulation — new forms of competition (LÅE)

23/1 B 4221
Term paper presentation (LÅE/KEG)