Advances in the Methodologies of Research on the Social Sciences and Humanities

Framträdande forskningsmetodologier i samhällsvetenskap och humaniora, 5 poäng.


This course aims at giving doctoral students advanced knowledge in the methodological tools of research in the social sciences and humanities. The course offers theoretical tools and concepts to understand the relations between different scientific traditions and research methods. It aims at developing a reflective and respectful attitude towards different traditions and schools, and to develop the participants' own understanding of his/her view on knowledge. A further aim is to develop the abilities to understand and critically review some important theoretical and methodological issues in research.

Content and schedule

The course gives deeper insight into the methods of research related to specific disciplines within the broader field of social sciences and humanities. Different theories and methods of investigations are presented and discussed out of the specific conditions that differentiate, but also associate between them. The course gives the students good opportunities to reflect upon the specific boundaries specific for each disciplines but also upon the methodological affinities existing between them.


The course consists of the following seminars:

February 8, 09.00-12.00
1. Introduction to the course and perspective on learning and educational research (Mohamed Chaib)

February 22, 13.00-16.00
2. Gender perspectives in research in the social sciences and humanities (Helene Ahl)

March 15, 13.00-16.00
3. Perspectives on research on media and communication studies (Lars-Åke Engblom)

April 19, 13.00-16.00
4. Researching management and the learning organization (Tomas Müllern)

May 3, 13.00-16.00
5. Perspectives on research on health and learning (Mats Granlund)

6. Examination

Required readings

To be announced at the course introduction on Thursday the 8th of February 2007.


The examination will be based on continuing written and/or oral tests. The final examination will take part in May 2007 out of an individual assignment to be handed at the end of the course. A number of compulsory assignments are also handed in during the course. The grades are either pass or fail. The participants are also required to actively participate in the 5 seminars.

Language of instruction is English unless there are only Swedish speaking participants. Written assignments can be handed in Swedish or English.


In order to apply to the course you need to be registered as doctoral student at HJ and meet the special requirements for being a doctoral candidate.

Applications should be sent to Karin Karlsson, HLK ( at the latest January the 26th.

Course responsible and Examinator

Professor Mohamed Chaib, School of Education and Communication.