Researchers in CHILD have participated in The Inclusive Early Childhood Education (IECE) project aimed to identify, analyze and subsequently promote the main characteristics of quality IECE for all children. The project has been implemented by The European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education Agency that supports the ministries of education of over 30 member countries as they improve their inclusive education policy and practice. Read more about the project here.

IECE focused on the structures and processes that can ensure a systemic approach to provide high-quality IECE that effectively meets the academic and social learning needs of all children from the preschool’s local community. The project found that the high-quality IECE services that benefited all children were guided by an inclusive vision and worked towards inclusive goals. Their primary outcome was to ensure each child’s belongingness, engagement and learning.

The IECE project has been highlighted in a recommendation from the European Commission 2019, in a memo 2020, a publication 2020 and a report 2021.