Information to international staff

Welcome as a new employee of Jönköping University!

As an international employee there are some matters which are important to bear in mind and tend to before, in the beginning of, during and at the end of your stay in Sweden.

Curious about Jönköping and Jönköping University?

Our guiding values pervade everything we do

  • Be professional
  • Be inventive and enterprising
  • Be international at heart
  • Stay curious and continue to learn

About Jönköping University

Jönköping University is an independent foundation university comprising four schools. We have around 700 employees and over 10,000 students.

JU as a workplace

Jönköping University offers attractive employment benefits and plenty of opportunities for professional development.

International at heart

Both on campus and abroad, our employees and students enjoy an exciting and international environment.


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