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We are giving the library a makeover

In 2022, the library will be 25 years old, and the building needs some maintenance and renovation. During the spring semester, the study environment will be affected by the intense renovation work that will take place. Major and minor changes will be made, including a new wall and furniture restorations.

Recycling and restoration

Recycling and restoration have been keywords during the work. The unique values ​​of the building are being emphasised, while the study environment is being modernised. The modernisation will lead to a more varied study environment with different types of furniture, better lighting, and a more pleasant sound environment.


The work of modernising the library began with a project to understand the students' needs through different types of user studies. These showed that students see the library as an inspiring study environment where proximity to books and librarians is important and contributes to the feeling of being part of the academy.

Many students emphasised that they work better when they are at the library. The library staff expressed that they want the library to be a welcoming and safe study environment.

A project group from the library has since collaborated with White Architects to develop a concept for the new interior.

The major changes in the library

The entrance is being rebuilt to create more light and space. It will also be decorated with artwork in the form of a chandelier.

The journals room is being redesigned to better fit various events without disturbing the study atmosphere in the rest of the library. The glass wall facing Caffè Dallucci will be opened, and the café will integrate with the journals room.

The computer workplaces on the first floor will be moved further into the library and make room for the journals and a seating area. The first impression of the library thus becomes more welcoming and one of the most beautiful places in the library will be used in a more fitting way.

The information desk will get a new design and a new location a little further into the room to enable longer guidance conversations. The self-service machines will replace the current information desk and become more visible.

Other changes:

  • More study seats with the opportunity for group work.
  • Rugs and textiles to give a cosy feeling and muffle sound.
  • Plants will be placed in various places in the library.
  • New reading lights.
  • More electrical outlets.
  • The group room corridors will get new furniture and new colour schemes.
  • The quiet study room will get new furniture.
  • New classroom and new room for supervision.

In the library, you can find an exhibition with pictures of how the library will change. Welcome in and have a look!