Brown Bag Seminar in Economics and Finance

Brown Bag-seminariet erbjuder både externa och interna talare ett forum för att presentera nya forskningsprojekt inom ekonomi och finans. Alltid på måndagar, 12:10-13:10 (under föreläsningsperioden) i B5002 och via Zoom.

Monday 15 January, 2024, in person

Jeanne Commault, Science Po
Title: Heterogeneity in MPC Beyond Liquid Wealth: The Role of Permanent Earnings
Organiser: Benjamin Larin,

Monday 22 January, 2024, in person

Luigi Mittone, University of Trento
Title: Social Dynamics in Tax Compliance: The Ripple Effect of Observing Others' Tax Behavior

Organiser: Azzurra Morreale, & Andrea Schneider,

Monday 29 January, 2024, in person

Anne Boschini, Stockholm University
Title: Fathers but not caregivers

Organiser: Anna Nordén,

Monday 5 February, 2024, in person

Joakim Jansson, Linnæus University
Title: Anticipation Effects of a Boardroom Gender Quota Law: Evidence from a Credible Threat in Sweden

Organiser: Anna Nordén,

Monday 12 February, 2024, in person

Marcus Hagedorn, University of Oslo
Title: A Nominal Demand-Augmented Phillips Curve: Theory and Evidence

Organiser: Andrea Schneider,

Monday 19 February, 2024, online

Oana Mihaescu, Södertörn University and Institute of Retail Economics
Title: The impact of large contaminated brownfields on the regional economies:
A difference-in-difference approach using Swedish data

Organiser: Helena Nilsson,

Monday 26 February, 2024, in person

Gabriella Massenz, The Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN)
Title: Heterogeneity and persistence in tax responsiveness: Evidence from closely held corporations
Organiser: Johannes Hagen,

Monday 4 March, 2024, online

Arthur Seibold, University of Mannheim
Title: The social multiplier of pension reform
Organiser: Andrea Schneider,

Monday 11 March, 2024, online

Åsa Hansson, Lund University

Title: Is it sustainable to have a highly decentralized government in a digitalized world?

Organiser: Andrea Schneider,

Monday 18 March, 2024, in person

Torben Mideksa, Uppsala University

Title: TBA

Organiser: Andrea Schneider,


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Organisers: Johannes Hagen, Benjamin Larin, Helena Nilsson, Anna Nordén, Andrea Schneider