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  • Ng, K., Augustine, L., Inchley, J. (2018). Comparisons in Screen-Time Behaviours among Adolescents with and without Long-Term Illnesses or Disabilities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 15(10), Mer information
  • Ryll, U., Eliasson, A., Bastiaenen, C., Green, D. (2018). To Explore the Validity of Change Scores of the Children's Hand-use Experience Questionnaire (CHEQ) in Children with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics (pp. 1-13). Mer information
  • Granlund, M. (2018). Is independence the same as participation for young people with disabilities?. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology Mer information
  • Scott, M., Milbourn, B., Falkmer, M., Black, M., Bölte, S., Halladay, A. ... Girdler, S. (2018). Factors impacting employment for people with autism spectrum disorder: A scoping review. Autism Mer information
  • Earl, R., Falkmer, T., Girdler, S., Morris, S., Falkmer, M. (2018). Viewpoints of pedestrians with and without cognitive impairment on shared zones and zebra crossings. PLoS ONE 13(9), Mer information

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