The cleanliness of components and assemblies is critical for many applications. Moreover, residues like particles and films originating from handling, transportation, storage, and the manufacturing steps themselves can cause serious issues already in the production process, for example, during assembly, or when applying adhesives and coatings.

In this webinar you will get an introduction to industrial cleaning and washing processes. Methods for determination of particle cleanliness, cleaning parameters, how to choose a cleaning process for specific needs and sustainability aspects of cleaning will be discussed. Also, examples of ongoing research projects with industrial focus will be presented.


Date: Sep. 20, 2022

Time: 13:00-14:30 (+ 30 min group discussion and networking)

After attending this webinar you will know more about:

  • industrial cleaning processes and their application
  • cleaning process design and cleanliness monitoring
  • sustainability in cleaning

Targeted audience: process developers, process and production engineers, quality managers.