CeFEO - Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership

CeFEO is a centre for research and learning uniquely devoted to family business and ownership issues.



Massimo Bau


Ingrid Aronsson


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CeFEO was inaugurated in November 2005 with the vision to become an internationally leading centre. Already in 2009 the vision was partly realized as we were ranked as the 4th most published institution worldwide, and no 1 in Europe in the field of family business research.

In 2017, an independent study in Journal of Small Business Management ranked JIBS first in Europe and second worldwide in entrepreneurship research, and the authors specifically mentioned CeFEO.
The centre is an integrated part of JIBS and contributes to the strong position and excellence in entrepreneurship and business renewal that JIBS holds. The increased attention paid to family enterprising and its importance in society in relation to other forms of ownership calls for further knowledge and understanding of the special character of family enterprises. CeFEO develops and disseminates knowledge to meet these needs. In 2010 about 30 CeFEO researchers from several disciplines, such as business administration, economics and business law, perform high-quality research about family enterprising and ownership, on topics such as entrepreneurial families, growth, succession, governance, strategizing, leadership and financing.  

A leading idea of CeFEO and its activities is to combine academic excellence and practical relevance. We have an ambition to be a natural partner for both international researchers and family firm owners/managers, as well as for advisors and other actors interested in family enterprising and ownership. We host visiting family business scholars and doctoral students. We provide doctoral education and organize international workshops and conferences attracting leading scholars in the field, including the Annual EIASM Family Firm Research Workshop.   
The development of CeFEO is based on external funding. From the start CeFEO has received several generous donations from the Carl-Olof and Jenz Hamrin Foundation, and recently also from the Henry and Sylvia Toft Foundation. The centre is also supported by a number of business partners, as well as through grants received from a variety of research foundations and research councils.

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