There are different ways to access your Jönköping University files off campus.

Access home directory (staff) from a Jönköping University computer off campus:

On a Jönköping University PC:
Connect to JU via VPN Opens in new window.

On a Jönköping University Mac:

  1. Connect to Jönköping University via VPN - instructions
  2. Connect in Finder via Go > Connect to Server or keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) + K to the address smb://$/username but replace X with the same digit as of your home directory server and username with your own username.
    Ask IT Helpdesk if you do not know the digit
  3. You may also connect to some common servers, on the address smb://


OneDrive is a cloudbased file storage and synchronization service included in the Office 365-service provided by Jönköping University. More information can be found on the OneDrive pages.

Data storage at JU

Recommended storage place 

ShareFiles / Citrix files

Get started with ShareFiles / Citrix files Pdf, 61.9 kB.