Lennart "Aktiestinsen" Israelsson

In 2010 Aktiestinsen, Lennart Israelsson, donated a portfolio of shares worth almost Euro 560,000 to Jönköping International Business School and in 2012 he made another donation of approx. Euro 125,000. The yearly revenues are used to support, among other things, the entrepreneurial activities of JIBS students.

"Entrepreneurs fascinate me. People who dare to take chances are indispensable. If I had not dared to take a chance long ago, I could never have done this today," says Lennart Israelsson.

Lennart Israelsson was born not far from Jönköping in 1916. He made his first stock investment in 1946, but had already retired when the media first drew attention to his successful and farsighted stock trading.

Lennart Israelsson was awarded an honorary doctorate at Jönköping University in 2014, and in 2017, he passed away at the age of 101. But his stock advice remains valid: Sit tight in the boat when it's rocking!