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Collaboration with our students can be a way to develop your business, while the students get the opportunity to practice their skills.

Students can bring fresh ideas to your business and you get the chance to market yourself as a potential employer for them. Do you need help with a project or analysis? Jönköping University gives you access to students with the right skills.

There are many different ways to work with our students. Here are some examples, you will find more information in the menu to the right.

Host companies

All programme students at the School of Engineering are connected to a host company, which can offer them internships or projects. At Jönköping International Business School, students at International Management and Civilekonom programmes have a host company for their first 1.5 years. Jönköping University has a total of approximately 800 partner and host companies.

Visits from students

Students at the School of Education and Communication and School of Health and Welfare receive practical training through school located studies, and students at School of Engineering have business community placement courses. At Jönköping International Business School there are opportunities to do an internship as an alternative to studying abroad, and there are also internships in some master's programmes.

Teacher education cooperates with over 1,000 schools and kindergartens. School of Health and Welfare collaborates with approximately 360 departments and institutions in the municipalities and counties.

Final theses

The final thesis is the project that is carried out at the end of the education, and should demonstrate the student's ability to apply and deepen their knowledge, identify and analyse problems, propose solutions and to communicate the implementation and results of their work with the surrounding community. Some students write their theses in collaboration with companies or organisations.

Special courses

In some courses, students collaborate with the business world. One example is the course Advanced International Marketing, Trade, and Export Management at Jönköping International Business School. In this course, JIBS students work directly with Swedish companies to assess how their products might be marketed in various international markets. This collaboration allows students to come into closer contact with the business community and work directly on a project, while our partner SMEs are able to take advantage of the students’ skills in helping to internationalise their business activities. The students are placed in international teams and the winners of the “Expanding Markets Award” share a cash prize.

Career center

The Career Center provides all students with a meeting place between professional life and Jönköping University. Career Center aims to strengthen students' opportunities of successfully finding appropriate employment upon graduation.