High spirits at graduation ceremonies

On 5 June, the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ), Jönköping University (JU), held its graduation ceremony at Pingstkyrkan. On 7 June, the School of Education and Communication (HLK), JU, held its graduation ceremony at Elmia. In total, around 700 students attended the two ceremonies.

graduation ceremonies

The spirits were high during HHJ's graduation ceremony in Pingstkyrkan. There was mingling, beautiful music, the awarding of scholarships, the Pedagogical Prize as well as speeches by Eleonor Fransson, Acting Dean at HHJ, and Gustav Sandberg, chair of the student association Hälsosektionen. The students went up on stage, programme by programme, to receive the cheers of the packed church.

“The best part of the graduation ceremony is sharing this wonderful moment with the students who have now finished their programmes, as well as their loved ones and the staff of the School of Health and Welfare. It is truly a moment of celebration! As Acting Dean of the School of Health and Welfare, I can clearly see that we fulfil an important role in society by educating the future talents in health and welfare,” says Eleonor Fransson.

Åsa Wilsson receives the Pedagogical Award

Åsa Wilsson receives the Pedagogical Award.

HHJ's Pedagogical Award, voted by the students, went to Åsa Wilsson, Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology.

Happy and satisfied students at Elmia

HLK's ceremony was held for the first time at Elmia where the relatives filled Hammarskjöldsalen. The students were all well-dressed and happy during the mingle with bubbly and snacks before the ceremony.

Ebba Bergström och Nora Hammar

Nora Hammar and Ebba Bergström.

Nora Hammar from Västervik and Ebba Bergström from Växjö have both studied Media and Communication Studies. Both are satisfied with their years in Jönköping and are confident about the future.

“HLK is a good school. It has been three fun and educational years with great classmates. Time has passed quickly,” says Ebba Bergström, who has a summer job to look forward to.

“I did my internship at home in Västervik and I'll probably get a job there in the autumn,” says Nora Hammar.

Nice music and singing filled the large hall when the students went up on stage, programme by programme. Alma Reinsjö, chair of HLK's student association LOK, gave a speech, as did Ulli Samuelsson, Associate Dean of Education at HLK.

“I think it was a very nice ceremony with a lot of joy, lovely music and not least, happy students and families. I encouraged the students to use the knowledge journey they have made with us to contribute to a better and more sustainable world in their various professional fields,” says Ulli Samuelsson.

Hannes Ewehag

Hannes Ewehag

The Pedagogical Award at HLK was awarded to Hannes Ewehag, Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies and Programme Manager at the Media and Communication Science Programme.