Graduation ceremony.

The School of Engineering's graduation ceremony in Hälsoparken at Jönköping University ended with the students singing the song "Stad i ljus" by Tommy Körberg.

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A total of 1,055 students attended the School of Engineering’s (JTH) and Jönköping International Business School's (JIBS) graduation ceremonies on 31 May and 1 June, respectively.

“It feels a little surreal to finish. I did not think time would go by so fast, says Nemanja Stojanovic who has studied Architectural Engineering at JTH.

JIBS students.

533 students graduated at JIBS and traditionally had their picture taken on the steps between JIBS and the School of Engineering.

The first of Jönköping University's four schools to have its graduation ceremony was JTH where the graduating students, after taken pictures on campus, gathered in Hälsoparken near JU. There awaited a traditional celebration with lots of joy, music, dance and, not least, the song “Stad i ljus” sung originally by Tommy Körberg. Graduating students went on stage with their classmates accompanied by dance music to put on their yellow JTH scarves and be celebrated by family, friends and others in the audience.

"There is noting more beutiful"

Ingrid Wadskog, Managing Director and Dean at JTH, felt joy and pride when she saw the students' celebration in Hälsoparken.

“When the benches in front of the stage are filled with students in their yellow shawls, there is nothing more beautiful,” says Ingrid Wadskog.

She thought it was great that so many people came to the graduation and that the students would be proud of what they have achieved.

“Graduation day is an ending of sorts, but it is also the start of something new. We will miss them, but we hope to continue to collaborate with them in other ways.”

"Develop and build character"

Nemanja Stojanovic says that he has learned a lot and had a lot of fun during his three years at JTH.

“What I liked about my education was that the teachers really set demands and challenged us to develop and build character. It has been great for me here and I can really recommend others to study at JTH."

Anna Uddström, who has studied New Media Design at JTH, mentioned that it was a bit nervous and stressful to finish her education, but that it was also a lot of fun.

“The education has been great, everything from the teachers to the courses we have studied. The teachers have been very committed and supportive, and the courses have contained many practical parts, which I have appreciated,” says Anna Uddström.

"Good educations, good teachers and good student life"

She also highlights student life as something out of the ordinary, with a wide range, lots of joy and good cohesion.

“I take with me all the fun memories we have created together at school and at AKA

(Akademien Nightclub) and I recommend others to choose JTH. There are good educations, good teachers and good student life here.”

During the graduation ceremony, it was also announced which JTH students won the categories "Best Presentation", "Best Sustainable Business Potential" and "Audience Favorite" at Xjobbsmässan on 30 May, where the students presented their thesis projects.

On 1 June, JIBS held its graduation ceremony at Spira in Jönköping with two separate sessions. The first session was dedicated to bachelor and double degree students, while it honoured the graduating master's students and those from the Bachelor of Economics programme. Later in the evening, the students celebrated their achievements with a banquet.

"Very proud of our students"

"I am very proud of our students for their achievements in completing their degrees. Their dedication and perseverance have really paid off. I also commend my colleagues and our student team for their incredible efforts in organizing today's celebration," said Johan Klaesson, Dean and managing director, during the ceremony.

In his farewell speech, Johan Klaesson encouraged all graduates to use the knowledge and expertise they have gained to catalyze positive change in the world around them. Pontus Hjort, a graduate of the International Economics Programme, thought graduation day held a great sense of joy, but also emptiness.

"Here and now that everything comes together"

“It is here and now that everything comes together, which is very nice but also sad in a way. There is great camaraderie among all the students here at JIBS. We have had so much fun and really like each other. In addition, the teaching quality is consistently high,” said Pontus Hjort.

For many graduates, studying in a new country and getting to know a new culture has been a big adjustment. Enoch Okyere from Ghana is graduating from the master's programme in International Financial Analytics and thinks it has been great to study in Jönköping and at JIBS.

Would be happy to return to JIBS

He particularly appreciated the opportunity to study with such a mix of different nationalities and would be happy to return to JIBS sometime in the future.

"Today is a great day! I felt very happy today at graduation after a year of hard work. Now I am focusing on securing a good job, but sometime in the future I would like to come back to school again and continue studying and expand my knowledge,” he says.