Politicians for EU debate at JU

This week, a politics-themed afternoon was organized in the run up to the elections for the European Parliament. On 9 June, countries in Europe will make an important choice regarding Europe's future.

As a European university, the election for the European Parliament is interesting for Jönköping University (JU). JU's library therefore hosted an event where the parliamentary parties had the opportunity to inform employees and students about their policies before the election.

“The library has a role to play in the development of democratic society. I therefore think it is natural that we have an afternoon dedicated to this important election,” says Mattias Lorentzi, Director of JU's library.

The event was aimed at employees and students at JU. There are many parts of European politics that affect academia, such as questions concerning free movement, education policy, employment for young people, research and innovation, and democracy.

“It is an important choice to make. I want to find out which party invests in making activities available for children so that they can develop good habits. It’s something we learn about in the program I study,” says Jaka Kosmac, student on the Occupational Therapy programme at JU.

During the first two hours of the afternoon, the parties answered questions from interested members of the audience. Then there was a debate between the parties. During the debate, a number of different topics were discussed including free movement for students, the conflict in Ukraine, defence issues and the environment. The debate was led by journalist Erik Lindfelt.

“It is gratifying that the university library is organizing this debate. If this can increase voter turnout somewhat, then that is a very good thing,” says Erik Lindfelt.

Jönköping University also acts as a polling station for early voting. So far, around 650 people have voted at JU's polling station, which this year is in the entrance of the School of Education and Communication.