Prospective students visited Jönköping University

Åhörare i en aula

On Saturday 25 May, Jönköping University (JU) invited prospective students to the annual PrevJU event. Nearly 400 people got a preview of the four schools, student life and the city of Jönköping.

“It is a very important day for students who have applied to us that they can come here and check out JU and Jönköping before they start their studies,” says Anders Wadell at the Communications Department, who is project manager for PrevJU.

Student ambassadors, the Student Union, the school’s student associations and Jönköping municipality were in attendance to show off the very best of Jönköping as a student city and what awaits in the future with, among other things, studies, social activities, Kick Off, and how to find housing.

En person med svart tshirt

Mats Gerdes from Herrljunga

Mats Gerdes came to PrevJU from Herrljunga and he will be studying the civilekonom programme this autumn.

“It's been fun and interesting to see the school and also what the campus looks like. The impressions I have gotten of JU is that it has a good feeling and togetherness. You get the feeling that there is always someone here or something to do, especially with the Student Union and such, says Mats Gerdes.

Among kebab and candy canes

“As far as I know, we are the only university that organizes a major day like this for students who have applied for an education. It is important to keep them interested so that the prospective students who have applied also come here in the autumn,” says Anders.

In addition to information in the auditorium, the day included a tour of the campus in glorious weather. Kebab rolls were served, and everyone got to take home a goodie bag with, among other things, local Gränna candy canes and locally produced cider. And of course, the visitors received a JU t-shirt so that they can already dress nicely this summer.