Point of JU is back with season 2

This spring's YouTube series Point of JU was a great success and there was big demand for a follow-up. On Thursday November 3, the first episode of Season 2 was released. Season 2 is a five-episode series where students talk about various topics that affect them.

During November and December, students, prospective students and the general public, who are curious about life at Jönköping University (JU), will be able to watch Point of JU, season 2. The series is based on questions that have been submitted to JU by prospective students and, over the five episodes, current students from JU's schools will give honest and personal answers to the questions that have been sent in.

This year's presenter is Victoria Balika, who previously studied Global Studies, was chairman of LOK (School of Education and Communication) Student Association for two years and is now studying the master's program Sustainable Societies and Social Change.

Victoria Balika, programledare Point of JU

“The series is important as it provides an authentic insight into the specific issues. Before you start studying at JU, it can be difficult to get in touch with current students or alumni who can answer the questions you have honestly. Things also change over time, which makes fresh and new information is especially important,” says Victoria Balika.

Moa Fohlin och Ariany Ribera

Moa Fohlin och Ariany Ribera, gäster i första avsnittet.

In Point of JU's first episode External link, opens in new window., which was released yesterday, the students discussed how to get started with your career after completing your studies, including giving concrete tips on how to get a job after graduation.

The other four episodes will, address issues such as graduation, prom and the overalls worn by JU students, why it might be good to study for a master's degree, everything you need to know about student life and what it's like for international students to study in Sweden and Jönköping.

“It's been great fun! But of course, I’ve been a little bit nervous too, but the fun outweighs it without a doubt,” says Victoria Balica.

See the first episode here. External link, opens in new window.

Episode release dates:

Nov 3 – Nov 10 – Nov 17 – Nov 24 – Dec 1