Students on teaching programme can now combine studies with work

A new project will give students on the teaching programme the opportunity to work alongside their studies, as student teachers. 

Representatives from Jönköping's Municipality meet students interested in becoming student teachers. (photo: Ann-Sofie Lekenstam)

The student teacher project is a collaboration between Jönköping's Municipality and the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University. On Monday 27th August, representatives from the municipality presented the project at the School of Health and Education.

The idea behind the project is to give students the possibility to put into practice the theoretical side of their education, and get a successful introduction into their future profession. The employment takes place over two semesters and includes flexible working hours, which are planned together with the respective manager based on the needs of the school and the student's availability. The workplace will be in a preschool or school within Jönköping's municipal area. Student teachers are offered a fixed monthly salary based on their education level, that is, how far they have progressed in their teacher training.   

"The initiative from Jönköping's Municipality, that we have been involved in designing, provides student teachers with a unique opportunity to work part-time in preschools and schools, " said Stefan Engberg, Dean of Education at the School of Education and Communication. "It is done on reasonable terms and takes into account that studies will not be adversely affected. Moreover it will give students more hands-on practice in their future profession. Jönköping's Municipality and the School of Education and Communication agree that studies should take priority. The project is very timely and may in the long term have a postive effect on interest in our teacher education."