Since its launch in 2003, MMTC has developed into a central academic institution in the field of Media Management, both nationally and internationally.

During this time, we have developed substantial knowledge about how digital technologies have changed the ways media are produced and consumed and their effect on consumers, companies and other stakeholders in society. In line with JIBS’ new strategy, MMTC has broadened its focus to leverage these insights beyond the media industries to include the study of other industries in process or need of transformation – such as the manufacturing industries that are highly important for our region.

Researching the Impact of Digitalization, Sustainability and Globalization on Industry and Business Renewal

At the Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC), we take interest in the business and industry implications triggered by the driving forces of digitalization, sustainability and globalization. This includes the study of the market dynamics, innovations and strategic responses in the media and other industries. The work at MMTC builds on the tradition at Jönköping International Business School to explore and excel in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Ownership and Renewal.

Beyond generating new insights in areas such as strategy, (digital) entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, retailing and branding, MMTC aims to be a meeting place and service provider to academia, practitioners and the wider society. The center continuously offers programs for visiting scholars, conducts seminars and doctoral courses. It is the home of the Journal of Media Business Studies – one of the main journals in the field. Scholars at MMTC regularly participate in the public debate and provide advisory services to government bodies, trade associations and companies.

Focus at MMTC is to conduct high-quality research meaningful to practice and policy, make use of research results in different types of teaching activities, and develop knowledge in collaboration with external stakeholders.