The National Research School LIMCUL, supported by the Swedish Research Council since 2008, aims at expanding knowledge related to literacy and identity vis-á-vis multilingual lives of preadolescents both inside and outside present day school arenas. LIMCUL raises issues related to culture and diversity (including multilingualism and new literacies expressed in popular culture and interactive technologies) and identities (social, cultural, categorical and intersectional) in the context of school and in relation to preadolescents' everyday activities outside schools.

LIMCUL builds upon a national level cooperation between five research environments at four universities/colleges (Örebro, Uppsala, Mälardalen/Stockholm). It is unique in that it brings together researchers with backgrounds in Education, Communication Studies, Philosophy, Language Didactics, Swedish and Musicology who share a common interest in everyday communication and cultural practices. The research school is headed by a Director and has a Steering Committee and a Supervisory Board. Reserach activities include regular seminars, research courses, empirical studies and supervision. Five PhD students have been employed by the research school since 2009 and have dual membership status in LIMCUL and at their respective university/college. The participating research environments with their established national and international networks form the matrix within which the central themes in LIMCUL are developed.

Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta
Scientific Head

Mia Fogel