Här hittar du kommande och tidigare framlagda disputationer och licentiatseminarier vid Jönköping University.

Kommande disputationer 2022

Kommande licentiatseminarier 2022

Framlagda disputationer 2022

4 mars 2022, Högskolan för lärande och kommunikation
Anders Nersäter: Learning history in an enquiry and source-based practice: What do students need to learn in relation to second-order concepts to be able to handle historical sources?

6 maj, 2022, Tekniska Högskolan
Nikolas Käkelä: A Solution Space Perspective on Customization

29 april 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Cecilia Åberg: Striving for meaning in a diminishing world – Older persons experiences of Reflective STRENGTH-Giving Dialogues including a digital tool

13 maj 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Carolina Bergerum: Patient and public involvement in hospital quality improvement interventions – the mechanisms, monitoring and management

20 maj 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Sandra Öberg: The Hit-IT project - the development and evaluation of an internet-based complex intervention for primary healthcare patients with cardiovascular disease and insomnia

25 maj 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Andreas Gremyr: Improving Health with and for Individuals with Schizophrenia Using a Learning Health System Approach: From idea to daily practice

1 juni 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Dip Raj Thapa

2 juni 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Ida Åström-Malm

3 juni 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Hanna Ahonen

8 juni 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Yvonne Johansson

10 juni 2022, Hälsohögskolan
Catarina Tingsvik

14 juni 2022, Jönköping International Business School
Amedeus Malisa: Pensions, retirement behavior and financial fraud victimization

Framlagda licentiatseminarier 2022

12 maj 2022, Tekniska Högskolan
Qing Zhang: Mechanical Properties of Semi-Solid AI Castings: Role of Stirring

16 juni 2022, Tekniska Högskolan
Andreas Risberg: e-Commerce Logistics in Omni-channel Retailing: Exploring the Last Mile