New book by JIBS researcher

Markus Plate, PhD and researcher at JIBS, has published a book that may give the reader new insights to communication.

The book ”Grundlagen der Kommunikation” (”Fundamentals of communication”) was published on January 23 in Germany at the renowned publisher “Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht” and UTB. The book shows the essentials of nine modern classics in the field of communication, as well as exercises to practice each approach.

“Everybody has their own assumptions about how communication works, how problems should be addressed and so on. People follow their private theories about communication and will reach the limits of their theories. This happens because the implicit theories are only practical for normal occasions, but not for problematic ones, or they cause problems because they act as self-fulfilling prophecies,” says Dr. Plate.

“This book provides knowledge and shows how it can be applied to talking, listening, acting and understanding in a new way. This can also be practiced with the help of exercises provided at the end of each chapter.”

Markus Plate has studied Psychology in Marburg and Osnabrück. He finished his PhD in 2011 at the Witten Institute for Family Business (WIFU), Germany’s eldest research institute devoted to family business studies. Among his research interests are family strategy for long-term survival, family member identity and communication in family business. Markus Plate is a scholarship holder of the Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius stiftelse and has joined JIBS for a three-year period.

Homepage of the Book at V&R and UTB: