New book on innovation and growth

17 October will see the launching of the book Innovation and Growth - From R & D Strategies of Innovating Firms to Economy-Wide Technological Change.

Several of the world's leading researchers in innovation and growth have contributed articles to the book, which is intended to provide additional knowledge and understanding of corporate investments in research and development, and how it affects the economy at large. The book is the result of a long project on innovation and growth implemented by the research centre CECIS and Jönköping International Business School, and is published by Oxford University Press.

Editors of the book are economists Martin Andersson , Börje Johansson , Charlie Karlsson and Hans Lööf. All are currently doing research or have previously done research at Jönköping International Business School.

The launch takes place in the form of a seminar in Stockholm on 17 October. Among the speakers are Martin Andersson, Professor Lund University, Urban Bäckström, President of Swedish Enterprise, Göran Marklund, Director, VINNOVA and Per Bolund, economic policy spokesperson of the Swedish Green Party. The book's four editors will also be present, along with Pontus Braunerhjelm, CEO of the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology. Moderator is Ulrika Stuart Hamilton, vice president Entrepreneurship Forum.

For more information contact Pernilla Heed, project coordinator:
Tel. +46 703-72 74 76.

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