CeFEO researchers get FOBI Research Scholarship Award

JIBS Professors Ethel Brundin and Leif Melin received the FOBI (Family Owned Business Institute) Award of USD 5,000 for the project ”Family capital – the theoretical and practical solution for entrepreneurial capacity over generations in family businesses”.

The FOBI Research Scholarship was announced at the 8th Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) in Montreal in May 2012. The criterion to receive the award is the contribution likely to be made to the family business literature by a publication in a leading academic journal, based on findings from the awarded project.

– I look forward to embracing the possibilities that the FOBI Research Scholarship will give Leif Melin and me. It will deepen our knowledge of the role of family capital for entrepreneurial performance over generations, says Ethel Brundin, professor at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS).

The Family Owned Business Institute's mission is to promote, preserve, influence, and impact family businesses through quality academic research, curriculum, and information services.

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CeFEO is the first centre of this kind in Northern Europe and aims to further strengthen JIBS’s already strong reputation for excellence in research on entrepreneurship and business renewal.

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