Positive response from The Swedish Higher Education Authority

In February last year, The Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) presented the results from the national review of the subject teacher programmes (ämneslärarprogram). Jönköping University (JU) received the assessment "questioned quality" in two subcategories to assessment areas for the subject Swedish. After analysis and an account of the measures taken, JU has now received the overall assessment “high quality”.

“It was incredibly gratifying and a great relief when the news came. Even though we have felt confident that the measures we have taken have been sufficient, you can never be completely sure,” says Marie Öhman, Dean and Managing Director of the School of Education and Communication (HLK).

In addition to the two subcategories with “questioned quality” in the review from UKÄ that came last year, JU has received “high quality” in both the subject teacher programme with focus on work in year 7–9 in social studies as well as the subject teacher programme in social studies with a focus on work in the upper secondary school. The same result has been given for the education science core in these two specialisations. The education science core in the subject teacher programme in Swedish language with focus on work in the upper secondary school also received “high quality” as well as all other teacher programmes at HLK.


Jönköping University’s action report

Each assessment area of the review has a number of subcategories that are reviewed. Regarding the subject parts in Swedish, there are eight, of which two were rated "questioned quality". One is about how the university ensures that research in the subject benefits the students. Under this item, the university has developed an action program with 13 points that have been addressed.

The second subcategory that received “questioned quality” concerns, among other things, how progression in the subject's theory and method is examined. Here, the university has, among other things, created a subject didactic track with progression through four modules in which social science theories and methods are put into a subject context and the students can apply these in relation to the subject Swedish.

“The improvement work that has been carried out after UKÄ's review has had positive effects, not only in the subject Swedish, but the work has also spilled over to all subjects in the programme. I think that the improvement work has had a positive effect on the entire subject teacher programmes,” says Weronica Ader, Programme manager for the subject teacher programme at HLK and Lecturer.

Ulli Samuelsson, Head of Education at HLK and Assistant Professor Education, has the same experience:

“Although it is sad to have our education quality questioned, it is valuable that these reviews are carried out. Quality development work is constantly underway, but the external reviewers help us to focus more clearly on the parts that can be strengthened,” says Ulli Samuelsson.

For more information please contact Weronica Ader: weronica.ader@ju.se