Materials and manufacturing
international conference comes to Sweden

The twenty-seventh Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials conference (PFAM XXVII) was held for the first time ever in Sweden this year, and was hosted by Jönköping University. 

Delegates from over 20 countries gathered in Jönköping for the conference.

The three day conference took place on 27 - 29 May and was attended by delegates from over 20 countries around the world. It's the first time that this conference has been held in Sweden, and Jönköping University was the host. 

Engineers, technologists, and researchers from industry, universities and government laboratories gathered at Stora Hotellet in Jönköping to present and discuss their research findings on traditional, advanced and emerging materials. 

Special guest speaker at the conference was Dr Manoj Gupta, from the National University of Singapore. Dr Gupta has been recognised by the conference organisers as having made 'innumerable, novel, innovative and inspiring contributions to the domains of materials science, and engineering and manufacturing processes'. 

Prof Anders Jarfors, from the School of Engineering at Jönköping University, organised this year's conference, together with colleagues Assoc Prof Caterina Zanella, Prof Attila Dioszegi and founder of the conference Prof T.S. Srivatsan, and explained what it meant for the university to be this year's host:

"We have our Asian campus and also activities in the US, and so since most of the participants here are from either India, East Asia or from the US, this conference matches our international efforts quite well."

See more from the conference and interviews with its speakers and delegates in the film report below.