Former students win
at the Oscars

Three former students, who graduated from the Visual Effects programme at Jönköping University, are part of the team that won the Oscar for the Best Visual Effects category. 

During the 90th Academy Awards, the Oscar for Best Visual Effects went to the film Blade Runner 2049.  

Jönköping Univeristy alumni Jonny Gu, Zofie Olsson and Elfar Sverrisson were on the team that did the effects for the film. Jonny Gu was also on the team that won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for The Jungle Book in 2017. 

The Oscar was collected by John Nelson, Gerd Nefzer, Paul Lambert and Richard R Hoover. 

A total of 15 alumni from JU were in three out of the five films nominated in the Visual Effects category at the Oscars. Elf Sverrisson worked on the visual effects for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. On the team that worked on the effects for Star Wars: The Last Jedi were Rickard Didriksson, Hampus Eriksson, Jonny Gu, Ilona Koutonen, Ivan Lindford, Alexander Swahn, Daniel Westerlund, Rickard Wigh, Viktor Östergren, Victor Aday-Samchez and Jens Tenland.

Read an interview with John Nelson about visual effects on Blade Runner 2049 here External link, opens in new window.