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  • Students return from internship in China – “They are developing so fast over there.”

    “It’s one thing reading about China, but it’s a totally different thing to experience it,” says Emanuel Rinaldo Miller, one of three third-year students from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) who won the first ever internship at Ramo Groups offices in Ningbo, southeast China. Back home from their five-week trip, the students reflect on what has been a huge learning experience.
  • Article from researchers at the School of Health and Welfare published in prestigious journal

    Amir Pakpour, researcher at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in Iran and affiliate of the School of Health and Welfare, along with a research team including Anders Broström and Pia Bülow have conducted a study which results have been published in Sleep Medicine Reviews. The article is called Internet addiction and sleep problems: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
  • Top 10 for JU Solar Team

    After six days and over 3000 kilometers, JU Solar Team crossed the finish line in Adeleide on Friday 18 October at 2:44 local time.
  • The Academic Ceremony concluded Jönköping University's 25th anniversary

    On Saturday, October 12, Jönköping University's (JU) Academic Ceremony was held with the inauguration of full professors and the conferment of PhDs at the culture hall, Spira.
  • An entrepreneur – both at work and at home

    Anders Melander was the first PhD to nail his thesis 'Industrial Wisdom and Strategic Change: The Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry 1945-1990,' at JIBS in 1997.|Anders Melander var den förste doktorand att spika upp sin avhandling på Jönköping International Business School, 1997. Avhandlingen heter "Industrial Wisdom and Strategic Change: The Swedish Pulp and Paper Industry 1945-1990". On 12 October this year, Anders Melander received the first scholarship from the Per Risberg Memorial Fund at Jönköping University’s (JU) Academic Ceremony at Spira. The scholarship, which is awarded to a JU employee that has excelled in the area of collaborations with the business community, is awarded to Anders, among other things, for his entrepreneurial spirit and good work on pursuing entrepreneurship issues within companies and organizations. Below you will find an interview with Anders about the various projects that brought him to the attention of the Memorial Fund’s committee.
  • Inaugural Lectures

    Video from Caterina Zanellas inauguration lecture at JU 25 On Friday 11th October, the university's new professors and honorary doctors gave their inauguration lectures.
  • JU shares new research at entertaining live event

    It was an afternoon for learning and laughter at JU Live - one of the many events taking place this week as part of the university’s 25th anniversary celebrations.
  • Sustainability festival at Jönköping University

    Throughout Week 40, Shaping our Future - JU Sustainability Festival has taken place on campus, with various activities, exhibitions and an award ceremony.
  • "Students from Manila would be happy to go to Jönköping University"

    Students from Manila in the Philippines would be happy to go to Jönköping University for an exchange. This according to Gloria B. Teodoro, Dean of the School of Architecture, Industrial Design and the Built Enviroment (ARIDBE) at Mapúa University in Manila.- It would give them a global perspective and a broader experience. And they would like to see snow, she says smiling.