Meet Linda from Sweden

Linda Ahlkvist from Hässleholm, has a Bachelor degree in Information Architecture from Malmö University. She now studies User Experience Design and IT Architecture at Jönköping University.

- I wanted to extend my knowledge in the field of User Experience Design and the fact that this programme offers an internship was a huge bonus for me.

My vision is to work as an User Experience Designer within a company, or as a consult. As a consult I hope to be a part of many external projects with likeminded personalities that can lay the ground for a broad network within the field.

I have lived in many different cities in Sweden. So far, Jönköping is one of the most beautiful. I really like lake Vättern and the beach. It is great place for workouts, chilling with friends, or if you want a peaceful time with yourself near the water.

The university campus is great. All the facilities are located near each other and that creates a sense of friendship and solidarity.

To make the most of your life as a student, my recommendation is to join activities organized by the Student Union. I will be a mentor (fadder, as we say in Sweden) for all the new international students this autumn. And don't miss the kickoff week once you get here. It is an amazing opportunity to make new friends from all over the world and to make the most out of your time here at Jönköping University.

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Sidan uppdaterad 2017-05-15
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