Adaptation of on-campus education in the autumn semester

Jönköping University’s spring semester and summer courses will be conducted off-campus, but the ambition is to start on-campus education in the beginning of the autumn semester 2020, with continued regards to the recommendations and guidelines.

According to a President’s Decision, Jönköping University will plan for on-campus education to start in the beginning of the autumn semester 2020. The decision has been made after discussions within the JU executive team and is based on the scenario that the autumn’s recommendations and guidelines allow for the implementation of on-campus education.

The discussions have taken several different scenarios into account and has resulted in the directional decision to plan for the operations at JU to be carried out on-campus from the start of the autumn semester. The spring semester will, as planned, be completed off-campus, and all summer courses will be conducted off-campus.

An internal work group, with representatives from all companies within JU, will be appointed to investigate and develop criteria and guidelines for how the operations on-campus will be implemented with adaptation and regards to the risk of infection. These criteria will be developed with consideration to the fact that different educational programmes and courses require different resources.

“We want to give our staff and our students, both current and future, the vital possibility to plan ahead. Therefore, we have made a directional decision regarding the education this autumn. We are planning for adapted on-campus studies that take national guidelines and recommendations into account”, says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.


More information will follow.