Doing business in China 

A seminar on Chinese business culture

AISEC Jönköping has invited mr Jun Tang, honoray president of Microsoft and CEO of Gaotime to talk about China and Chinese business culture.

Date and time: 29th April, 14 – 15

Place : Kurt Johansson-Aulan, HHJ

China has the fastest growing economy in the world creating unbelievable opportunities for western companies to invest in its business market. What makes it difficult for companies trying to enter the Chinese market is their lack of understanding of Chinese culture and the incredibly different business environment in China. Mr. Tang has many years of high level managerial experience in both International and Chinese corporations, this has given him vast knowledge of the complex way that business is done in China. He knows how it is possible for foreign companies to be very successful in the Chinese market, and has a deep understanding of the main challenges that they will face setting up in China and also the difficulties they will face on a daily basis.