Get ready for JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge

A 24 hour challenge to stimulate creativity, cross-disciplinary team building and entrepreneurship!

JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge will take place on 2-3 April. This year, the teams must include both JTH and JIBS students (max 4 students per team). There will be a limited number of teams allowed to enter the competition. The winning team will recieve SEK 60 000.

Before the grand finale, JIBS Entrepreneuship challenge presents an invigorating lecture by Petri Rahja; founder and CEO of Scoopshot – part of the Finnish IT-wonder.

Online sign-up will open on 20 March. On 12 March, JSA and HI TECH will organise a pre-mingle with more information and preparations for the competition. Perhaps you will find your team members there?

Information will be updated continuously on this page.