Content updated 2013-08-16


  • Tell us what you think!
    The world’s largest student survey – the International Student Barometer (ISB) is your opportunity to tell us what you think of Jönköping University and you University experience so far.
  • New time: Get recruited on LinkedIn!

    Do you want to know how recruiters and HR-staff work with LinkedIn to find the right people to hire? Do you want to improve your own LinkedIn-Profile so you will be easier to find?
  • Information meeting exchange studies for students at School of Engineering
    Information meeting will be held October 19 17:00, about exchange studies academic year 17/18.
  • Clothing Swap Day at JU
    Take the opportunity to renew your closet! Welcome to a Clothing Swap Day in conjunction with Kemikaliekonferensen (Chemicals Conference) 2016 Wednesday 19 October.
  • Are you not receiving important emails?
    It might be due to the Outlook features Clutter or its successor Focused Inbox.
  • 10 questions about alcohol, drugs, doping and sex
    Student Health, together with the Student Union, Region Jönköping (former County Council) and the County Board conducted a project to reduce risk-taking on alcohol, drugs and doping, as well as promoting sexual health.
  • Fire alarm on 3 October
    Students and staff had to evacuate the buildings A, B and E due to fire alarm because of dust from the construction work in building A.