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Me & JU

Me & JU är Jönköping Universitys magasin där du kan läsa om oss och vår verksamhet.

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Har du boende att hyra ut i Jönköping? Hyr ut till en student! Läs mer:
Hör professor Per Hilletofth i paneldiskussion hos @dagensindustri i Almedalen idag 15-16. Följ live:…
Curious about our research within knowledge intensive product realization? Read about our new initiative SPARK on…
I forskningsprojektet PEOPLE arbetar forskare och företag tillsammans för individanpassad design av hjälpmedel.
RT @vtncr: Students @VirginiaTechMBA @VTGradSchoolNCR learn abroad w/visits to cos, universities & cultural events #vtscan17 @VolvoTrucks @…
Jönköping University starts new project within casting research in collaboration with several Swedish companies.
New PhD thesis explores how road freight transport supply chains can move towards being more sustainable:
Ett campus för framtiden: Så här ska Jönköping University växa.
New PhD thesis: Exposed social groups with international background require new models for occupational adaptation.
Idag finns vi på plats i Gamingburen. 10-12 tävlar Mats Jägstam i VR. 19.15 finns JU:s studentlag i e-sport i buren…


Vertikals är JIBS plattform för att göra forskningen mer synlig för en bred publik. Målet är att riva barriärerna mellan akademi och samhälle och ge möjlighet till en mer direkt dialog.

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Almost 2000 people running Jönköping Marathon today, crossing the finish line just outside JU. ✌️🥇
🍭Summer in the city 🍭 Go to Gränna! Walk around town, eat polkagrisar and if you have time: don’t miss Visingsö, the island in the middle of Vättern. Just take the ferry from Gränna port, and on Visingsö you can rent a bike or go with horse carriage around the island. #jönköpinguniversity #jkpg #gränna #summer
Good evening uni. 👋🏼🌃🌜 #jönköpinguniversity #summernights
☁️ Summer in the city ☁️ Rainy days ahead? Take the opportunity to learn some history and visit the only Match Museum in the world. It’s in the same area as the student night club Akadamien, but maybe you haven’t been there during daytime yet 😉 Take the opportunity to stroll around or get something to eat while you are there. #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
We are all over the world. 🌎 #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
☀️ Summer in the city ☀️ ➡️ Vattenledningsparken. To go there, you have to go uphill, but it’s only downhill when leaving 😉 When you come up and look to your left you get a beautiful view over Jönköping and if you just take some steps in to the forest to your right you reach this. It feels like far away from the city. Bring fika if you want to make it a longer stay. #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
☀️ Summer in the city ☀️ Staying in Jönköping for the summer? There’s a lot of things to do! One of the reasons Jönköping is a nice place to stay during summer is all the water in the city center 🔝 Look in here the coming weeks to get some tips on things to do and places to explore (with a student budget, of course). If you want to know more about the destinations, please visit #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #jkpg #summer
Say hi to some of our Summer School students, who has spent the last couple of weeks at JU taking courses, doing company visits and engaging in social and cultural activities. It has been great having you here! #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #studyabroad
Happy Midsummer! Time to make flower wreaths and dance around the maypole like "little frogs". 🌸🐸🌼 #jönköpinguniversity #sweden #midsummer
Saudi Arabia meets Gränna. #jönköpinguniversity #pathwayprogramme #gränna
Congratulations all our students who graduated yesterday! We are proud of you and look forward to follow you us our alumni in the future. 🎓 #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #graduationday
Happy National Day! 🇸🇪 #sweden #nationaldagen #jönköpinguniversity
A beautiful day for graduation! Congratulations all students from School of Engineering graduating today. Good luck! 🎓 #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #graduationday
The best thing about studying in Australia is probably… EVERYTHING! I study my semester abroad at Swinburne University of Technology and I’ve really fallen for Melbourne and Australia. I’m taking several courses in marketing and management, there are so many courses offered here! And of course, it doesn’t feel bad to live like 30 minutes from white-sand beaches with clear blue water, and to get the opportunity to explore the country and meet people from different cultures. The whole experience is just amazing! - Mikaela, student in Media and Communication at JU #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #swinburne
Three ways to tell the weather is great: 1️⃣ All stairs, benches and along the housewalls on campus are full of students. 2️⃣ There is a lot of bikes parked everywhere. 3️⃣ Well, you feel it. #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #sunny
One of Jönköping University Rowing teams out and about on Munksjön, with JU as backdrop. ⛵️🌊✌️
Jönköping isn't only a great place to live and study! According to a list from Airbnb, Jönköping is the fourth best city in Sweden to be a tourist in. Our tips for tourists is of course to visit our beautiful campus! Do you have any tips for people visiting Jönköping? ☀️🇸🇪👜 #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #jkpg
Spring is for sure on our top four list of favorite seasons 🐧🌲💛 #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #spring #jkpg
JU Solar Team are out test drivning the chassi of the future solar car, all to make the final result as good as possible. The weather is really sunny today, which is kind of nice if you have a car driven by solar power 😉☀️🏎 #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity #jusolarteam #worldsolarchallenge
Happy Valborg! Celebrating the last day of April watching the sun set next to the bonfire. #jönköpinguniversity #jkpg #studyatju #valborg

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